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IV Therapy for Hangover Treatment in Tyler TX

IV therapy delivers efficient hangover recovery by rehydrating your entire body with fluids rich in vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals. At Smart Choice Medical Clinic, we offer specially formulated IV hangover treatments that are completely safe, professionally administered, and will have you feeling rested and refreshed in no time. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 3347 Old Jacksonville Rd Tyler, TX 75701.

IV Therapy for Hangover Treatment Near Me in Tyler TX
IV Therapy for Hangover Treatment Near Me in Tyler TX

Table of Contents:

What IV fluids are given for hangovers?
How does IV therapy help hangovers?
How long does it take for Liquid IV to work?
How does IV therapy make you feel?

We’re all guilty of going out from time to time and putting back a few too many alcoholic beverages.

While it’s fun at the moment, the aftermath can leave you feeling quite queasy, nauseous, dehydrated, and headache the morning after. These hangover symptoms occur your body works to process the alcohol and remove it from the body, which is an intensive process that can leave you feeling a lot less bubbly than you were the night before. In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body, making you feel even worse.

IV therapy is a quick and effective way of remedying a hangover so that you can get back to living your best life. For more information about our IV services, contact us today. Or, if you’re ready to get started you can schedule an appointment with us online at your earliest convenience.

What IV fluids are given for hangovers?

The fluids administered during an IV hangover treatment are specially formulated to resolve the symptoms associated with a hangover quickly and effectively.

IV fluids for a hangover typically contain:

• IV fluid hydration
• Ondansetron
• Magnesium CL
• Manganese
• Copper
• Anti-nausea medication
• Anti-inflammatory medication

While over-the-counter remedies may work eventually, an IV hangover treatment is administered directly into the bloodstream, which allows for key nutrients and medications to be absorbed far faster. This results in a speedier rate of relief and hydration, meaning that you feel better sooner and can get back to doing the things you love.

How does IV therapy help hangovers?

When you’re suffering through a hangover, an IV drip can provide the quick relief that you need to ease those morning-after aches and pains.
Hangovers occur when you drink too much alcohol, resulting in the body becoming dehydrated. IV therapy helps to directly replenish your fluid, electrolyte, and vitamin and mineral stores quickly through a 1-hour intravenous administration. These key nutrients are directly relayed into the bloodstream where they can be readily absorbed by the body. This effectively takes the edge off your hangover, restoring hydration, balance, and wellness to your body in a way that is far more time-efficient than if you were to let it try and recover on its own.

How long does it take for Liquid IV to work?

One of the most notable benefits of a Liquid IV is just how quickly it works quickly and efficiently it works.
Fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and medication are delivered directly into the bloodstream, allowing the body to immediately distribute and absorb them. This helps to optimize the internal processes of the body, boosting the immune response, which results in pain relief that can typically be felt within the hour. By the end of a one-hour treatment, you should feel healthier, rehydrated, and more refreshed.
In contrast, traditional pain relief medications that are taken orally lose some of their punch during the digestive process and tend to take much longer to kick in. So if you’re someone that wants to get back to their day-to-day activities and responsibilities as soon as possible, an IV treatment may be the better option. 

How does IV therapy make you feel?

After receiving IV therapy, many people begin feeling the positive effects right away. Hangover IV drips replenish your electrolytes, vitamin, mineral, and fluid stores more effectively and efficiently, helping you to feel more energized and refreshed following treatment.

The treatment is typically painless, with most patients only experiencing a pinch during the initial setup of the needle and a feeling of warmth in their body as the IV fluid is administered.

If you’re looking to receive an IV treatment for something outside of a hangover, such as boosting your nutritional stores or supplementing another type of medical treatment, it may between a few days to a few weeks to begin noticing a difference.

If you’re looking for safe, professional, and efficient hangover relief, visit us at Smart Choice Medical. We would be happy to walk you through our IV treatment options. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online.

We are conveniently located at 3347 Old Jacksonville Rd, Tyler, TX 75701. We serve patients from Tyler TX, Bullard TX, Troup TX, Jacksonville TX, Dogwood City TX, Whitehouse TX, Flint TX, Gresham TX, and all surrounding areas.