Private Primary Care Doctors

Private Primary Care Doctors Questions and Answers

Private primary care doctors offer a more individualized medical care experience. If you are looking for a caring and experienced medical team for your primary care medical needs, Smart Choice Medical Clinic in Tyler, TX is the clinic for you! Call us or book an appointment online today!

Private Primary Care Doctors Near Me in Tyler, TX
Private Primary Care Doctors Near Me in Tyler, TX

Why do we need private primary care doctors?

Private primary care doctors focus on one thing, keeping their patients healthy and out of hospitals. This is important as it helps keep the costs down for their patients but also keeps them living a long and healthy life without having the need to see specialists about every little thing that can easily run up their bills.

Primary care physicians can offer a lot of benefits to patients who visit them, by diagnosing and treating many issues all within one visit and without the need of any extra tests like Ultrasounds, X-rays, and other services.

Private primary care doctors are also one of the main physicians almost all insurance providers will work with in regards to coverage. They are the prime leader in negotiating with insurance companies on costs and insurance companies know many patients will not go with them if their primary care physician is not covered.

What do you call a private doctor?

A private doctor is a medical professional known as a general practitioner or a primary care physician. Primary care physicians treat a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses as well as injuries and offer preventative care and health education to their patients.

Primary care physicians are usually your first point of contact if you are looking for help or a diagnosis for a health concern, as well as continued care for any medical conditions you may have.

Who is considered a primary care physician?

Primary care physicians are specialists who can study in family medicine, general internal medicine or general pediatrics. They provide medical care to patients as a first point of contact and continuous care. This type of care may include chronic, acute and preventative care in an outpatient setting. Primary care physicians are specifically trained to provide comprehensive care to their patients after finishing medical school and a residency or fellowship training in an acute or chronic care setting.

Finding a primary care physician that you trust is essential as you will have an ongoing relationship with this medical professional over years. There are many types of different primary care physicians you can choose from including:

  • Family practitioners

Physicians who have completed a family practice residency. Their scope of practice focuses on children and adults of all ages.

  • Pediatricians

Physicians who have completed a pediatric residency. Their scope of practice focuses on the care of newborns, infants, children and adolescents.

  • Geriatricians

Physicians who have completed a residency in family medicine or internal medicine. They usually focus their practice on older adults with complex medical issues in relation to aging.

  • Internists

Physicians who have completed a residency in internal medicine. Their scope of practice focuses on care for adults of all ages for a wide range of medical issues.

  • Obstetricians/gynecologists

Physicians who have completed a residency in women’s health. Their scope of practice focuses on women, particularly those of childbearing age and beyond.

Are most doctors in private practice?

There is a wide range of doctors who prefer to have a private practice and solely focus on helping patients with preventative care and providing medical care to any injury or illness that their patients are dealing with. This is not for all doctors, and some have decided they prefer working for hospitals or larger medical groups, as they prefer them over running their own private practice.

However, private practices are still well sought after for individuals as they want that customized individual care that mainly private practices can provide. They focus on keeping you healthy, or offering help without the need of extra items like x-rays and ultrasounds which can not only be expensive, but just confirm exactly what the doctor already knew.

If you are looking for a primary care physician near you, Smart Choice Medical Clinic offers primary care services. Our non-urgent care is curated for individual’s looking for specialized care when it comes to their medical needs. We accept walk-ins and appointments. We are conveniently located at 3347 Old Jacksonville Rd Tyler, TX 75701. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Tyler TX, Bullard TX, Troup TX, Jacksonville TX, Dogwood City TX, Whitehouse TX, Flint TX, and Gresham TX. Visit us today to see the difference.