Minor Procedures Clinic in Tyler, TX

Visit Smart Choice Medical Clinic if you are looking for minor surgical procedures. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Tyler TX, Bullard TX, Troup TX, Jacksonville TX, Dogwood City TX, Whitehouse TX, Flint TX, and Gresham TX.

Minor Procedures Clinic Near Me in Tyler, TX
Minor Procedures Clinic Near Me in Tyler, TX

In-Office Procedures

Abscess Incision and Drainage without packing
Abscess Incision and Drainage with packing
Burn Care, 1st degree
Digital Nerve Block Anesthesia
Cuticle infection
Ear Wax Removal each
Foreign Body Removal Skin without Sutures
Ganglion Cyst Aspiration
Nail Excision Partial or Complete
Nosebleed – Basic Nosebleeds
Olecranon Bursitis Aspiration
Occipital Nerve Block
Paronychia Release
Plantar Fascia injections
Ring Cutting and Removal
Splinter Removal
Skin Tag Removal (each)
Subungual Hematoma Evacuation
Suture Removal (Repaired elsewhere)
Suture Removal (Free if placed in clinic)
Trigger Point injection (Each)
Wart Cryotherapy/Histo/Freeze (Each)
Laceration Repair Simple
Laceration 1 layer > 2” Long